Monday, April 30, 2012

May 7th Deadline could shut Elk Grove out!

I just received this important update on the possibilities for Elk Grove Community Radio from Prometheus Radio Project. They are a non-Profit created to help develop local community radio.

It's VITAL that we let the FCC hear that we want community radio in Elk Grove RIGHT AWAY.

Please read below, TAKE ACTION, and leave a comment that you did. All it takes is an online petition to make yourself heard.

Read the letter.

Dear Denny,

Under the current FCC rules, there's little or no room for community radio in your zip code in Elk Grove. 

However, the FCC is currently deciding whether to allow special rule waivers that would allow community radio in more locations. The good news is that in your zip code, these waivers would make a difference!

But to win fair rules for community radio, the FCC needs to hear from us by May 7. To send the FCC your customized comment, just enter your zip code on our channel finder tool. Then click "Tell the FCC" on your results page and send your comment.

These are our cities and our airwaves! Tell the FCC that all our cities and towns deserve community radio.

Ian Smith,  Prometheus Radio Project 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Does Elk Grove Want Its Own FM Station?

Elk Grove has 10% of  the population of Sacramento County. You'd never know it to listen to or watch local broadcast stations. If no one is murdered or there's no high-speed chase down Highway 99, you won't get much Elk Grove news, and no community affairs.

Is this good enough?